pamco, biorotors, performance and durability

pamco® biorotors are the special use of fixed biomass treatment processes. There are numerous advantages of a treatment installation using pamco® biorotors :

  • ideal for small and medium-sized towns (51 to 10 000 PE)
  • high purification performances
  • nitrification – denitrification
  • remarkable resistance in the event of load fluctuations
  • very low operating expenditure
  • excellent integration with the landscape

To choose pamco® is to choose :

  • 35 years’ experience
  • the most industrial and the most robust biorotors on the market
  • a tubular shaft – only 2 support bearings – no line-shaft bearings
  • completely safe maintenance from the exterior (no maintenance points inside the tanks)
  • unblockable cellular media (watch our video)
  • proven balance control systems
  • excellent advice for the whole treatment installation

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