Rational use of high potential energies

exelio specialises in the research, design and construction of your heat and refrigeration production and distribution installations. An overall in-depth study of your needs allows a careful choice of the techniques to be implemented and the optimum performance of high potential primary energies.

Heat production : hot water, steam, thermal oil, electricity, etc…

Depending on the needs and the energy potential required by your installations, exelio achieves your heat production through the use of the latest technologies present on the market :

  • hot water boiler
  • steam boiler
  • thermal oil boiler
  • electric boiler
  • burners

Boiler rooms and accessories

As a complete supplier, exelio can construct the whole installation of your boiler room from the development of your buildings to the distribution of the heat produced to users.

exelio takes care of all the components of a boiler room, which are :

  • construction or development of the buildings
  • storage and transport of fuels
  • water softening
  • water preparation by osmosis or EDI
  • ventilation techniques
  • protection of the installations and buildings (gas and smoke detection, etc…)