Other technologies

In accordance with our customers’ requests, exelio supplies installations that include the following treatments :

  • mechanical treatments (fine screening, degreasing, etc…)
  • deferrisation and demanganisation
  • removal of suspended matter by filtration (sand or hydro-anthracite) using gravity or under pressure
  • removal of pesticides by activated carbon filtration
  • denitration on ion exchange resins
  • disinfection (chlorine or UV)
  • inverse osmosis, microfiltration or ultrafiltration
  • membrane bioreactors (MBR)
  • coagulation, flocculation or settling
  • grease recovery by flotation
  • preparation and mix of flocculant (liquids or powder)
  • mechanical sludge dehydration by centrifuge, filter press or band filter
  • sludge liming
  • vacuum evaporation