Calcocarbonic balances, mineralisation, neutralization

exelio carries out studies on the calcocarbonic balances of the water. We draw up recommendations for problems with scaling, corrosion and the pH correction of the water.

We work with the Legrand, Poirier and Leroy calculation method.

This method applies to all types of water (drinking water, process water, cooling water, etc.) and relates to all types of materials in contact with the water (concretes, steels, plastics, etc…).

exelio specialises in the remineralisation of drinking water by passing it over a calcite bed.

After this treatment the pH of the water is within the standards and passivation of the drinking water supply network is done (a method for combatting corrosion, red water phenomena, etc…).

For alkaline industrial effluents, exelio constructs treatment units using strong acid (H2SO4 most often) or weak acid (CO2) if the use of strong acid is not wanted by the customer.