exelio, the complete supplier for industry and local authorities

exelio, your complete supplier for :

  • purification and treatment of your domestic or industrial wastewater
  • your industrial process air conditioning
  • optimisation of your energy production or recovery centres

exelio was created in 2007 and has produced a constantly increasing turnover that will reach €5 million in 2016.

As it has grown, exelio has attracted new employees. Our skills are expanding and over the years, we have established our presence and increased our know-how.

exelio’s areas of expertise

exelio’s areas of expertise are water treatment, air conditioning and energy saving. Our experience of more than 25 years in these areas, along with our skills synergy, allows us to have overall control over your projects: domestic wastewater treatment plants (activated sludge or pamco® biorotors), sludge dehydration units, water neutralisation units (strong acid or CO2 type weak acid), output and air quality control units, energy production or heat transport units, energy recovery units, various reagent storage and injection points, control points for the quality and output of your water discharges, etc…

Design & Build

For our industrial or local authority customers, exelio manages all stages of design & build” projects. We act as project manager from the design to commissioning, including construction of technical installations and any heavy structural work that we may suggest. We provide after-sales services and offer contracts for monitoring, operation, or maintenance.

We take on both new projects and improvement projects for existing processes.
We are also very careful in planning any transitional procedures.

Quality – Safety  –  Innovation

We make it our business to cooperate very closely with our customers in order to offer them durable solutions, that are always simple, innovative where possible, and always giving priority to quality.

Quality does not cost…it is an investment !

Our search for excellence is based on our quality control systems (ISO9001) and safety systems (VCA **).

exelio is always seeking new solutions for the benefit of our customers. To keep in touch with the changes in the market, exelio finances applied research programmes each year.

At the start of 2012, exelio purchased a marketing and manufacturing licence for pamco® biorotors.
exelio is aiming for an international market with this product.